What Can Cause Bad Behaviour in a Dog?

Dogs, much like humans, can behave in a way that causes problems, and without trying to find out the root cause, it can seem like an impossible task to correct. There are occasions when a dog owner gives up and that usually results in the dog being taken to a rescue centre, which is sad. If your dog sometime exhibits bad behaviour, here are some of the common causes, along with suggestions on how to remedy it.

  1. Excessive Barking – Perhaps the most common of all dog behavioural issues, excessive barking can be very annoying, and it certainly won’t impress your neighbours. While barking is a form of communication, if your dog barks at just about anything and everything, it could be caused by anxiety, boredom, over excitedness, or simply as an alert. Ask yourself whether your dog gets enough exercise, and by stepping up his time outside, see if that makes any difference. Be consistent in your response to excessive barking, and make sure he is rewarded when he gets it right.
  2. Chewing – Chewing comes naturally to a dog, and rather than trying to stop him chewing, it is better to provide him with suitable items that he can chew all day long if he pleases. In the event you catch your dog chewing a shoe or cushion, let him know this is not OK by taking the item away and replace it immediately with something he is allowed to chew. Lack of exercise is a main cause of excessive chewing, so start with increasing his walks and see how he responds. If you are looking for the right pet insurance policy, check out the positive PIA Pet Insurance reviews that can be found online, and with a wide range of policies, there’s bound to be one that best meets your needs.
  1. Digging – Some breeds dig more than others, with terriers topping the list, due to hunting instincts, and this is a difficult habit to curb. Obviously, you don’t want your dog to dig up the lawn, and by providing him with his own little digging patch, at least he won’t destroy your garden. It might take a while, but consistent response from you at the time it is happening will certainly help him to understand that you don’t want him to dig.
  1. Aggressive Behaviour – If your dog is aggressive with other dogs, this could be a sign of insecurity, or it could even be that your dog is trying to protect you. If the aggression occurs in your home, it might be territorial, even against humans, especially if the dog feels threatened in any way, and it is best to correct this behaviour using the leash. If you are the leader of the pack, then your dog should respond to your authority, and if this doesn’t seem to work, you might be better off approaching a dog trainer, who could at least identify the cause.

Whatever the behaviour you are trying to correct, always make sure that the dog is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation, as these are the most common causes of bad behaviour.

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